Marawi clearing operations: 89 terrorist killed, 690 civilians rescued

(Updated on May 30, 2017)

The Armed Forces of the Philippines’ focus continues on safely clearing Marawi of terrorist elements holed up within pockets of the city. The priority of ongoing military action is likewise directed at helping residents who are trapped in the city’s interiors and the recovery of civilians in the hands of the terrorists.

The integration of Joint Operations capabilities and Philippine National Police support significantly degraded the local terrorist group’s (LTG) fighting potentials and its network of supporters and armed members is reduced. The government troops disrupted the LTG’s plan to establish terror cells in Central Mindanao particularly on the grand plan to burn down and bastardize the entire city of Marawi.

Focused military operations are judiciously undertaken to prevent collateral damage at specific targets of resistance to hasten the clearing of Marawi City of terrorist elements.

As of this update, a total of 89 terrorists were killed (42 body counts and 47 confirmed snipers killed). Government forces suffered 24 killed-in-action (AFP-21, PNP-3) and 81 wounded-in-action (AFP-63, PNP-18).

The government troops have rescued and assisted 960 trapped civilian residents since the start of the operations.

Troops on the ground have recovered 91 assorted high-powered firearms, shabu paraphernalia, improvised explosive devices (IEDs), and various war materials.

The ongoing operations manifest difficulty among the operating troops due to highly urbanized area with topographically complexity where man-made construction is a dominant feature.

To destroy the remaining LTGs, surgical airstrikes is recommended to continue due to the current battleground where the enemy made their stronghold is complex and dynamic interaction and relationships between its components of terrain, and the population and supporting infrastructure,

“Our forces are working together to hasten the restoration of the rule of law and Marawi’s return to normalcy. We ensure the primacy of Human Rights, Rule of Law and International Humanitarian Law in all conduct of our operations,” said Brig. Gen. Rolly Bautista, Commander of Philippine Army’s 1st Infantry (Tabak) Division.

“We count on everyone to unite as one nation and do their patriotic duty for the stability in the Marawi City,” BGen. Bautista said.

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