Troops conducting clearing operations in Marawi recover P52-m cash

Camp Ranao, Marawi City, June 6, 2017 – Troops confronting the Daesh-inspired Maute/Abu Sayaff Group in house-to-house battle recovered voluminous cash amounting to P52,200,000 at a house in Barangay Saduc Proper, Marawi City at around 11:30AM on Monday, June 5.

After neutralizing a sniper position in the area that fired at an adjacent side of the Scout Rangers, a Philippine Marine platoon led by 1Lt. Frederick Savellano of 37th Marine Corps, Marine Battalion Landing Team 7 was conducting clearing operations recovered the cash along with stale cheques worth P23,776,386.71 and an M16 firearm.

Marine forces, which are currently conducting house-to-house clearing against the terrorists, recovered the amount under constant fire, a team extricated the area and brought the cash and cheques to the headquarters of Task Force Marawi.

Brig. Gen. Rolly Bautista, Commander of Task Force Marawi said the recovered money will be for safekeeping of proper authorities until appropriate investigation is conducted and proper identification of owner is established.

“This act is a manifestation for keeping the highest standard of discipline, valor and commitment in safeguarding Marawi and defending the community from terror elements,” Brig. Gen. Bautista said.

Brig. Gen. Bautista commended the troops for their act of honesty as he pointed out the destruction done by the terrorists.

“We are proud of our soldiers in the field. Their commendable actions in caring for our people bespeak of the best practices in the AFP,” Brig. Gen. Bautista said.

“We condemn the propaganda of Maute/ASG and their sympathizers in peddling twisted data and disinformation to advocate violence and evil acts. We also condemn the Maute/ASG and their sympathizers for looting houses, burning school buildings and houses and destroying various properties in Marawi particularly desecrating houses of worship such as mosques and church,” Brig. Gen. Bautista said.

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