Month: June 2017

A 39-second video uploaded by PTV Broadcasting on Facebook today, June 3, 2017, about a soldier sharing his tablet to children in Marawi City went viral.

The video caption says: “Despite the serious situation in Marawi, a soldier still provides joy by allowing children to watch cartoons on his tablet.”

Philippine Army’s 1st Infantry (Tabak) Division Captain Clint P. Antipala was unmindful of the video, which was taken by PTV reporter Allan Francisco at around 10:30AM at the Provincial Capitol of Marawi City.

As of this posting the video already generated more than 74,000 views and about 600 shares.

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Campo Ranao, Marawi City, June 3, 2017 – A total of 182 individuals trapped in the ongoing crisis in Marawi were rescued early morning today by soldiers and combined workers from the Provincial capitol and Non-Government Oranizations in two separate areas in the city while a civilian who is about to be rescued was shot dead by enemy snipers while he was approaching government troops.

One of the trapped civilians speaking in the vernacular said: “We cant get out, we are afraid of the terrorists who might see and kill us. They killed civilians, even their fellow Maranao who cannot recite the prayer or even the Shahada, with even one wrong word. Do they expect someone to recite the prayer while they poked guns at you?”

“That terrorist sniper has no heart. We just want to live. He killed a helpless civilian,” the rescued Marawi City resident said in tears.

With total disregard of women, children and elderly, a number of unarmed civilians were killed by the terrorist group in their rampage in Marawi City.

Lt. Gen. Carlito Galvez, Commander of Western Mindanao Command said: “It is the commitment of our troops to exert every effort to rescue all those trapped in Marawi as we clear the city street by street, building by building, room by room and inch by inch in order to neutralize all armed threats so that peace will reign in Marawi again”.

“We hope for the early resolution of this conflict the soonest time possible so that our people in Marawi can go back to their homes and live a normal life again,” Lt. Gen. Galvez said.

Brig. Gen. Rolly Bautista, Commander of Task Force Marawi condemned the Maute-Daesh inspired group for killing the trapped civilian while in the process of being rescued.

“This shows the blatant disregard of this group for the life of innocent people, the people of Marawi. They attacked the City and put the lives of everyone in Marawi in grave danger including women, children and the elderly. It is the people of Marawi who suffered because of their evil un-Islamic deeds,” Brig. Gen. Bautista said.

“We call on our people to stand and unite against terrorism. The fight against terrorism is not the sole duty of the security sector but the responsibility of everyone,” Brig. Gen. Bautista said.

The AFP tallied 120 terrorists killed, 42 bodies were recovered so far and the rest were confirmed by eyewitnesses while nine recently surrendered. Recovered firearms stand at 98 high firearms of various calibers recovered by troops.

Government forces suffered 38 killed in action and numerous wounded in action in the continuing efforts to free the city from terror elements.

Photo: Sgt. Ryan B. Escobar (Inf) PA, 1st Infantry (Tabak) Division, Philippine Army

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