People’s Initiative on Arresting ISIS Straggler

Loksadatu, Marawi City – Another successful effort done by the people and the security forces in Marawi City when one foreign national was arrested due to the suspicion that he is a straggler and member of the ISIS around 06:30am this morning at Brgy. Moriatao Luksadato, Marawi City.  The foreign individual was determine to be an Indonesian national who tried to escape and hide from the security forces in an attempt to get away from the main battle area based on the investigation.  The said foreign national was turned over by the Barangay Peace Action Team (BPAT) of the said to the PNP and AFP for further investigation.

The suspected Indonesian terrorist namely Mohammad Ilyham Shayaputra was seen walking in Brgy Loksadato seemingly weak and whose clothes were wet. When the people asked him where he came from, he introduced himself as a military intelligence operative. That was when the people informed their BPAT’s in the barangay, who immediately arrested the suspicious looking individual and later surrendered the arrested person to the authority.

In Zia Alonto’s statement on the arrest of the said Foreign ISIS fighter says “The arrest of Indonesian National involved in the siege of Marawi in the morning of Nov. 1 by the Barangay Peacekeeping Action Team (BPAT) of Brgy. Loksadatu validates the LGUs position that civilian participation is essential in our collective effort to secure our communities from terrorist elements. Crucial in our security effort to fully restore normalcy in the controlled area is to maintain vigilance by our residents. We must develop and strengthen the civilian security plan as proposed by the Provincial Peace and Order Council of Lanao del Sur to inspire further people’s initiative in order to complement our state forces’ on-going clearing operation down to the barangay level.”

The Barangay Peace Action Team (BPAT) were trained and organized by the Joint Task Group RANAO, now Joint Task Force RANAO, to facilitate the security of each barangay in the controlled areas in Marawi city. This efforts were started during the crisis to help the security forces (PNP and AFP) in conducting security operations and the fast facilitation of needed services for the crisis. They underwent security training which was facilitated by the instructors from JTG RANAO under the JTF MARAWI.

Before the campaign against ISIS-Inspired Maute group, many videos and propaganda  came out in the social media inviting and recruiting ISIS members to go to Southeast Asia specifically to the Philippines to join the establishment of the Islamic Caliphate in the country. The existence of foreigners who joined the said campaign was proven when the Piagapo Clash happened last April this year where foreigners were believed to have died.

With this effort the people of Marawi are now vigilant and prepared to defend their community against terror groups like the Maute-Hapilon group, as they slowly recover from the crisis that they experienced.

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