Army recovers 11 firearms in Lanao del Sur

KUTA SANG-AN, Labangan, Zamboanga del Sur – JOINT TASK FORCE RANAO recovered eleven (11) firearms during simultaneous law enforcement operations at the Municipalities of Lanao del Sur Province.

Responding to several reports by concerned citizens of the presence of armed civilians in several Barangays in the municipalities of Pualas, Lumbatan and Marawi City, JOINT TASK FORCE RANAO directed its JOINT TASK GROUP HARIBON to conduct simultaneous law enforcement operations in the said Barangays. The 55th Infantry Battalion conducted law enforcement operations in Pualas and Lumbatan while the 63rd Infantry Battalion conducted same operations in Barangay Kilala, Marawi City from 16 to 17 March 2018.

The recovered firearms include one (1) M4 5.56mm rifle, two (2) M14 7.62mm rifles, two (2) M1 Caliber .30 Garand rifles, one (1) M16 5.56mm rifle, one (1) M653 5.56mm rifle, one (1) M203 grenade launcher, three (3) Caliber .45 pistols and one (1) M65 type hand grenade. Also recovered were assorted ammunition and magazines for the weapons and several unlicensed personal radio sets.

Major General Roseller G Murillo, the Commander of the JOINT TASK FORCE RANAO, congratulated officers and men of JOINT TASK GROUP HARIBON, the 55th Infantry Battalion, and the 63rd Infantry Battalion for the successful law enforcement operations that will contribute to the recovery and rehabilitation of Lanao del Sur after the Marawi Siege. Major General Murillo stated that the AFP will keep the peace and secure Ranao and that law enforcement operations will continue until all the loose firearms in Lanao del Sur are recovered or turned in.

Last Friday, the residents of the Municipality of Piagapo in Lanao del Sur Province turned over 43 high powered firearms to Major General Muriillo.

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