Malangas Municipality surrenders 27 loose high powered firearms and grenade

KUTA SANG-AN, Labangan, Zamboanga del Sur  – Zamboanga del Sur Municipality surrenders 27 loose highpowered firearms and grenade to the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police yesterday March 15, 2018.

The Municiplaity of Malangas headed by Hon Tata Bacqiual, Municipal Mayor, facilitated the surrender of  27 loose firearms and grenade to Col Francisco Ariel A Felicidario, Commander of the 102nd Infantry Brigade from the Joint Task Force ZAMPELAN, in a turn-over ceremony held at Municipal Police Station. The unregistered and illegal firearms and grenade were surrendered by the residents and local officials in different barangays of the Municipality.

The surrendered firearms include 18 shotguns, two (2) M1 Garand rifle, one (1) Caliber .22 pistol, five (5) Caliber. 45 pistols, one (1) homemade gun (sumpak), one (1) Rifle grenade and one (1) hand grenade.

Malangas Mayor, Hon. Tata Bacquial expressed his commitment and support to the security sector in the attainment of a lasting peace in his municipality. While Col Felicidario said in his remarks that security, while the mandate of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, is the concern of all citizens and members of the community. He added that this turnover of loose firearms is a step towards attaining sustainable development in our communites.

Major General Roseller G Murillo, the Commander of the Joint Task Force ZAMPELAN, lauded the efforts of 102nd Brigade in collaboration with the local government and the local police in the campaign against loose firearms. Major General Murillo declared that the military will remain the steadfast protector of the people and always a professional Armed Forces as it carries out its mandate in securing the Filipino.

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