1st Infantry “TABAK” Division held on Wednesday the traditional New Year’s Call in the Headquarters Gymnasium.

The New Year’s Call is one of the cherished tradition being observed and held annually by Team Tabak.

The callers were consists of Unit Commanders, General Staff and other officers, non-commisioned officers and civilian employees which are gathered to have a courtesy call to Maj. Gen. Roseller Murillo, the 1st Infantry Division Commander.

The call was then followed by a command conference where it highlighted the significant accomplishments of the command, assessments of the campaign and future plans.

“As we leave behind year 2018, we have demonstrated magnificent accomplishments that proppelled our command in the peak of recognition far beyond the four corners of our military organization but also outside the borders of our country,” said Maj. Gen. Murillo.

“Sooner of later i’ll be leaving this command and i would like to extend my warmest gratitude to my Tabak Troopers, thank you for being part of the unfolding journey of my career,” he added.

A Barbecue Party followed immediately after the command conference.

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