Team Tabak Honors Retirees


CAMP SANG-AN, Pulacan, Labangan, Zamboanga del Sur – A Testimonial Honor to four enlisted personnel of the command, who are set to compulsory retire, were tendered here on Friday (February 15, 2019).

The retirees were, Master Sergeants Florante T. Almacen, Mario S. Sungag, Ricardo R. Jimenez and Noel V. Realista.

The testimonial honor is initiated by the command, a privilege for the retirees for their valuable and  remarkable services rendered as a Tabak Trooper.

“For 32 years in the Army, I’ve experienced joy, happiness and sacrifices in serving the Filipino people and our country. And I am so grateful for the organization for everything it have done to me as a person,” said Master Sergeant Realista, one of the honorees.

Brig. Gen. Roberto T. Ancan, the newly installed 1st Infantry (TABAK) Commander, commended the four honorees for their significant accomplishments and contributions that they have shared to the nation and in the 1st Infantry Division.

“Non Commissioned Officers are the true backbone of our Army. They perform battle (Operation) and administrative tasks and functions,” said Brig. Gen. Ancan.

The commander also commended the wives of the four honorees for taking care of their children while their husband is on duty and away.

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