1ID Host Squad Snipers Training

CAMP SANG-ANG, Labangan, ZDS – Army’s 1st Infantry (TABAK) Division here hosted the Squad Snipers Training Class 3 facilitated by the Mobile Training Team, Marksmanship Training School, Training and Doctrine Command on August 6, 2019.

Two hundred seventy five participants from different Infantry Division of Philippine Army will endure the six-weeks course designed to develop the fighting capability particularly in shooting  ability.

The training also aims to enhance the participant’s knowledge, skills, attitude and confidence in delivering shots using the standard issued assault rifle R4A3.

Maj. Gen. Roberto Ancan, commander of the 1st Infantry Division, encouraged the participants to take advantage of the training, learn and develop their skills in shooting and remember the core competency, war fighting.

“We aimed in making our Army equipped, modernized, highly disciplined and motivated that has established a respectable image and capable of addressing all internal and external security threats”, said Ancan.

“Bear in mind that many people sleep peacefully at night because there are men stand ready to protect them and that is our sworn oath”, Ancan added.

“Be technically and tactically proficient. Apply what you have learned in the training. Hit the armed enemy who continue to sow terror to our communities ”, Ancan concluded.

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