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KUTA SANG-AN, Labangan, Zamboanga del Sur  – Troops under Joint Task Force “ZAMPELAN” provided area security assistance to the personnel of the Law Enforcement Service of Land Transportation Office (LTO)-Central Office, who were able to confiscate Public Utility Vehicles (PUVs) without franchise in a joint law enforcement operations conducted in Pagadian City, morning of March 10, 2018.

After a thorough coordination between the troops of 53rd Infantry Battalion led by 1LT MICHAEL B BUMIDANG (INF) PA and Land Transportation Office-Central Office for their vehicular inspection operation, thirty five (35) Vans and two (2) Multi-cabs without franchise were confiscated.  The said operation was conducted at vicinity of Integrated Bus Terminal (IBT), Brgy Bulatok, Pagadian City.

“This is a nationwide campaign of LTO and we started here in Pagadian City for the Mindanao area. The primary objective of this nationwide operation is road safety”, said Col Rolando V Abelardo, Deputy Director, Law Enforcement Service, LTO-Central Office based in Metro Manila.

Earlier, on March 04, 2018, troops of 42IB in a joint operation with the Provincial police of Zamboanga del Norte, encountered the lawless elements in Sirawai who abducted the alleged five (5) illegal loggers at Sitio Upper Lukungan, Brgy Panabutan, Sirawai.  The firefight which lasted for about ten (10) minutes resulted to one (1) enemy killed and recovery of (1) M1 Garand rifle, other several war items and personal belongings.

In previous months, 42IB, also in a joint operation with the police counterpart, had a series of clashes  with another lawless elements known as “Sumiggal group” in the municipality of Kalawit, Zamboanga del Norte which resulted to the recovery of several war materials. There was no casualty on the government troops.

These joint operations involving the different units under JTF “ZAMPELAN” is in line with the military’s support role to Law Enforcement Operations.

As of today, the vehicular inspection operations of the Law Enforcement Service of LTO-Central Office is still on-going not only in Pagadian City but in the whole Province of Zamboanga del Sur.  This will be done as well in other areas in Mindanao in the coming days.

“The military is continuously assisting other government institutions/agencies in the implementation of the law”, said Maj Gen Roseller G Murillo AFP, 1st ID Commader as he commended the troops for the successful operations.

“The military under Team Tabak will remain professional as it carries out its mandate in the implementation of Martial Law”, he added.

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KUTA SANG-AN, Labangan, Zamboanga del Sur  – Troops under Joint Task Force “ZAMPELAN” together with Provincial police encountered the “lawless elements” at Sitio Kabatuyan, Brgy Panabutan, Sirawai, Zamboanga del Norte on March 07, 2018.

The operating troops of 42ND Infantry Battalion led by 1LT JAYNON C BASOY (INF) PA and Provincial police led by PO2 Roel Reyes were conducting combat operation at the vicinity of the said area when they clashed with more or less ten (10) lawless group under @Jumilon Tukalan.

Earlier, on March 04, 2018, the same group abducted the alleged five (5) illegal loggers at Sitio Upper Lukungan, Brgy Panabutan, Sirawai. On this same day, some concerned civilians of Brgy Sipakit, Sirawai reported that they have seen the group together with the 5 abducted person at the Damp Site of Brgy Sipakit.

The said illegal loggers are all residents of Brgy San Vicente, Sirawai.  They were identified as: Jomar Mantanga, 25 years old; Roger Jungan, 36 years old; Raymond Purisima, 14 years old; Jemar Maglangit, 26 years old; and Mario Rosales, 46 years old.

The firefight which lasted for about ten (10) minutes compelled the enemy to withdrew heading towards the northeast direction of Sirawai, ZDN.

After the firefight, the troops recovered one (1) killed enemy (still unidentified); one (1) M1 Garand rifle; one (1) calibre .45 pistol; one (1) M16 handguard; one (1) cellular phone, some pieces of empty shells and several personal belongings. There was no casualty on the government troops.

The 42IB under the stewardship of Lt Col Danilo G Ambe is continuously conducting combat operations together with the police counterparts in their area of responsibility to trackdown and eventually defeat some lawless groups that disturb the normal life of the affected civilian community.

Col Francisco Ariel A Felicidario III INF (GSC) PA, 102 Brigade Commander said, “Reports of the civilian populace were very vital in tracking down the enemy locations leading to the successful encounters of our units.   The clashes of 42IB with another lawless elements known as “Sumiggal group” in another municipality of Kalawit in the previous months also indicate the active participation of the civilian communities in our efforts to attain peace in Zamboanga Peninsula”.

“Our soldiers stand ready to respond and address any attempt by the armed threat groups threatening the safety and well-being of the people”, said Maj Gen Roseller G Murillo AFP, 1st ID Commader as he lauded the operating troops for the successful encounter.

“Let us continue to actively support Law Enforcement Support Operations until the final defeat of the lawless groups in our area of responsibility”, he added.

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KUTA SANG-AN, Labangan, Zamboanga del Sur  – In coordination with the Joint Task Force “ZamPeLan”, members of the Philippine National Police in Metro Manila apprehended a certain Abdul Nasser Lomondot at Recto Avenue, Manila March 3, 2018 5:10 pm.

During the said law enforcement operation, recovered in the possession of Lomondot upon arrest were the calibre .45 pistol and hand grenade.

Lomondot is a Maute Group sub-leader who took part in the Marawi rebellion during which he participated in the killing of innocent Christian civilians and committed violence  against female and child hostages.  He was one of the key planners in the attack of Marantao, Lanao del Sur during the Marawi rebellion.  He underwent combat training in Butig, Lanao del Sur along with other Daesh members.

Since the death last year of Isnilon Hapilon, the established Amir of Maute-Deash in Southeast Asia region,  the remnants of the group were scattered into small groups and went into hiding at selected areas of Lanao del Sur.  They were also monitored recruiting and conducting trainings particularly in the boundaries of Lanao and Maguindanao areas where they enjoy a certain level of civilian support.

Earlier this year, an encounter happened in Masiu, Lanao del Sur between the government troops and some elements of the Maute group.  Their other members responsible in the killings of civilian vendors at Piagapo, Lanao del Sur were also apprehended.

Major General Roseller G Murillo AFP, 1ID Commander said, “our recent successes and apprehensions have been yielding valuable information that allows authorities to further hunt down the remnants of the group.  More so, these successes clearly indicate their dwindling organizational leadership and capabilities.”

“The government forces will continue to intensify its internal security operations in Joint Task Force “ZAMPELAN’s” area of operations to neutralize the remnants of terrorist groups in Lanao del Sur”, he added.

At present, Lomondot was brought to Philippine National Police-Manila Police District at UN Avenue, Manila for processing and filing of appropriate cases.

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Kin of Marawi Heroes attending the “Business Opportunity Roadshow” held at the EP Clubhouse, H1ID, PA, Brgy Upper Pulacan, Labangan, Zamboanga del Sur on 20 February 2018. The family or beneficiary of the soldiers killed-in-action (KIA) during the Marawi Rebellion will recieve P2Million pesos worth each of business packages from the San Miguel Corporation through the San Miguel Foundation Incorporated.

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