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To show encouragement for our government troops, #SupportOurTroops walls are placed at several locations in Marawi City. Civilian stakeholders from various government and non-government sectors have taken the opportunity to express their support to our troops on the ground.

Brig. Gen. Rolly Bautista, Commander of Task Force Marawi said: “We deeply express our gratitude to all individuals, groups, and organizations who have been showing overwhelming support to our troops who are relentlessly exerting efforts and determination in our goal to wipe out terrorist elements in the city of Marawi.”

“With your support, your troops are greatly strengthened and motivated in our shared responsibility of pursuing of peace and development,” Brig. Gen. Bautista said.

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Camp Ranao, Marawi City, July 4, 2017 – Enemy strong points fall one by one while government troops gradually take over terrorist held structures. Government forces have successfully overran and taken control of Dansalan College, another Maute-Abu Sayyaf Group strongpoint on ground zero main battle area in Marawi yesterday, July 3, 2017.

Dansalan College is host to some high-rise structures that serve as machine gun nest and snipers’ vantage position of terrorist elements. As troops wrest control of the school, they recovered a Cal .50 heavy machinegun and 14 other high-powered firearms.

This brings to 410 the total number of firearms recovered by operating troops in the clearing operations to neutralize terrorists and criminal elements in Marawi City.

A cadaver of a foreign looking individual was also recovered by troops. It is believed that it is one of the reported foreign fighters from Singapore. A total of 11 suspected foreign fighters have been reportedly killed so far.

Dansalan College is one of the establishments taken and partially burned by Maute/ASG terrorist when they attacked the city on May 23, 2017.

This is the same school where the Maute brothers had their earlier education. The acts of destruction landed them in the most notorious and abhorred alumni list.

Brig. Gen. Rolly Bautisa, Commander of Joint Task Force Marawi said: “It will just be a matter of time when our soldiers will fully liberate Marawi from terrorists and criminal gangs who brought mayhem to this city. We owe this to our Maranao brothers and sisters. Our soldiers fully know what is at stake and we will strive together to neutralize these criminals in order to bring peace and normalcy in Marawi.”

As government forces continue to gain ground and foothold on enemy strongholds, a daily stream of civilians are being rescued while battle rages on. Government forces together with civilian counterparts have rescued a total of 1,717 trapped civilians as of this date.

Lt. Gen. Carlito Galvez Jr., Commander of Western Mindanao Command emphasized that the clearing operations put utmost consideration on the safety of trapped civilians.

“Our soldiers together with our civilian counterparts will do everything in their power to locate more trapped civilians and device steps to rescue as many as possible,” Lt. Gen Galvez said.

According to Lt. Galvez, about 300 to 500 civilians are still trapped in the conflict area from the original estimate of 2,000 to 2,500 in the early days.

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President Rodrigo Roa Duterte delivers his message to the Filipino troops who are battling the Maute group and other local terrorist groups in Mindanao.

In his message at the Study Room in Malacañan Palace on July 3, 2017, the Commander-in-Chief commends the soldiers on the ground and assures them that government will provide for the needs of all the wounded soldiers and their bereaved families.

#ComfortableLifeForAll #DuterteOneYearInOffice

Message of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte
July 4, 2017

I am commending our troops of the Republic of the Philippines on the ground for your relentless efforts and determination in our goal to retake the city of Marawi from the Maute group and other local terrorist groups.

I enjoin the operating troops to carry on until our objective of wiping out these enemies of the state and the people has been achieved. I urge you to remain steadfast and alert as Martial Law in Mindanao will remain in effect to counter the persistence threat of terrorism and insurgency.

The people in Marawi will also need your assistance as they rebuild their lives and homes once military operations come to a conclusion. By fulfilling this, we must not let our guards down against the emergence of terrorism and banditry of the area.

Let us also honor and remember our fallen comrades. May their courage and bravery remind us the sacrifices asked of us as we go about the task a building peaceful nation.

Government assures all the wounded and all the bravery families that they needs attended to. The nation will never neglect the heroes of the republic. Let us all continue strive to build a stable, orderly and progressive society. Continue to work to make our shared dream a genuine lasting peace and reality. Continue to serve our country and the Filipinos. My salute goes to all of you there.

Maraming salamat at mabuhay kayong lahat. Hindi ko kayo kalimutan at hindi ko kayo pababayaan.

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CNN Philippines: Camille Abadicio reports: “When thinking about fighting, we often forget that a war recognizes no race, no social class and no gender. In Marawi, amongst those also fighting relentlessly are women. In this report, our Camille Abadicio pays tribute to these women risking their lives to regain the war-torn city.”

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Naval Station Felix Apolinario, Panacan, Davao City – Aside from the enhanced maritime patrol being conducted by the Naval Forces Eastern Mindanao and the joint maritime patrol with the Philippine Coast Guard in the territorial waters in South Eastern Mindanao, Eastern Mindanao Command (EMC) further intensified the border crossing security to prevent terrorists and other transnational crime syndicate from using the backdoor as entry point with the creation of an inter-agency border security council.

During the Inter-Agency meeting at Headquarters Eastern Mindanao Command at Naval Station Felix Apolinario, Panacan, Davao City on June 28, 2017 the Inter-Agency attendees discussed and provided input in enhancing the southern border security. Further it was agreed upon to organize a Border Security Council that will be composed of different agencies involved in maritime, immigration, foreign relations and other law enforcement agencies; and different Local Government Units.

The Inter-Agency Border Security Council will be a mechanism and venue for member agency in reporting and assessing border security and recommending measures to be undertaken. It also defines the role and task of each member agency in the effort of securing the border.

Meanwhile, border crossing stations in Cape San Agustin in Governor Generoso and Balut Island, Saranggani, Davao Occidental are being improved to strengthen the watch and monitoring system of the territorial border in Eastern Mindanao.

On the other hand, Joint Task Force Haribon is presently profiling the different bancas along the Davao Gulf as part of the effort of enhancing the “Bantay Dagat” a community based coastal security as additional measure of security. In coordination with Local Government Units this will be replicated in all coastal areas in EMC AOR.

Spokesperson for MLI in EM
Eastern Mindanao Command, AFP
Cellphone: +639178453186

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Camp Ranao, Marawi City, June 28, 2017 – Seventeen cadavers were recovered while government troops together with PNP, Bureau of Fire Protection and civilian volunteers were conducting retrieval operations in Barangay Gadungan, Marawi City at 11:40AM today.

“The recovered cadavers are believed to be among those helpless civilians who were murdered by the Maute/ASG terrorists. This is a manifestation of Maute/ASG’s brutality who killed these innocent civilians in cold blood,” said Brig. Gen. Rolando Bautista, Joint Task Force Marawi Commander.

PNP SOCO is undertaking procedures to identify the bodies for proper disposition.

Retrieval operations are being conducted in Barangay Gadungan and other areas which the terrorists previously held.

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While the nation continues to suffer from the havoc wrought by the ongoing rebellion in Marawi and atrocities in various parts of Mindanao, some factions obviously have a lot of free time on matters other than helping improve the situation.

I question the motives and credibility of certain leftist groups and individuals in coming up with a dubious report that Marawi women residents allegedly fear that they will be raped by soldiers in the ongoing military operations in Marawi City.

Our soldiers have undergone a series of gender sensitivity trainings under our Gender and Development (GAD) program. These trainings focus on participation, empowerment, equity, respect for human rights, freedom from violence, and actualization of fullest human potential not just of soldiers but the communities where these soldiers operate as well.

Linawin ko lang po: Ang ating kasundaluhan at kapulisan ay nasa Marawi upang labanan ang mga teroristang gustong gawing pugad ng kasamaan ang siyudad,at upang pigilan na lumawak pa ang kaguluhan. Ito ang kanilang sinumpaang tungkulin. To this day, close to 70 soldiers and policemen have already paid the ultimate sacrifice in the defense of Marawi City and our people, with many more wounded and in need of serious medical attention.

The groups who made the report have just exposed their obvious ulterior motives – for the government fail in the fight against evil in order to advance whatever selfish reasons they have. Hindi po ba ang mga grupong ito ang mga grupong patuloy na nagbubulag-bulagan sa mga krimeng ginagawa ng mga kabaro nila sa CPP-NPA? The same groups who conveniently forget that their communist-terrorists colleagues continue to loot, murder, rape, and destroy private and public properties in the countryside.

I challenge the organizations where the information originated to present their evidence and lodge a complaint before the proper authorities if they can, and not just throw away accusations like they are reading lines from their same old propaganda for almost five decades now which the Filipino people have grown tired of hearing.

Alam ng taumbayan na makapapagkatiwalaan nila ang ating Sandatahang Lakas, ang kaisa-isang Sandatahang Lakas ng Pilipinas, at nakikita naman ito sa mga survey.

Kung labag sa ideyolohiya ng mga grupong ito ang sumuporta sa mga sundalo, sana ay makunsensiya naman sila para sa ating mga kapatid na Maranao – mga kababaihan, kabataan, katutubo at buong komunidad sa biktima sa sitwasyon. Mas mainam siguro na buksan nila ang kanilang isip at puso sa totoong nangyayari at
huwag magpakawala ng mga tsismis at fake news.

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After 34 days, government troops rescued 9 persons who were held hostage by the Maute terrorist group in Marawi City.

Lt. Col. Jo-ar Herrera, Task Force Marawi spokesperson said there are still more or less 120 civilians hostages being held up by the Maute terrorist group.

The rescued civilians, who are all male, identified as: (1) Ariel Ansaw; (2) Ronie Albacete; (3) Lando Albacete; (4) Dilbert Macatulag; (5) Micheal Ongos; (6) Mario Manggubat; (7) Jimboy Guinsayao; (8) Bryan Catipay; and (9) Algin Generalao. They said Father Chito Suganob is among those who are still being held hostage.

Lt. Col. Herrera said the government is doing all necessary measures to safely rescue the remaining hostages.

“We have received reports from the ground that the Maute terrorist group is using their hostages as human shields to deter military offensives against them,” Lt. Col. Herrera said.

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The Philippine Army’s 1st Infantry (Tabak) Division will start the recruitment and processing of applications for the Candidate Soldier Course for the Calendar Year 2017.

Interested applicants who would like to serve the people and the country is advised to pre-register at Gate 2 of the Division Headquarters, Kuta Major Sang-an, Upper Pulacan, Labangan, Zamboanga del Sur; 101Bde Busbus, Jolo, Sulu; 102Bde, Sanito, Ipil, ZSP; 103Bde, Campo Ranao, Marawi City and 104Bde, Isabela City Basilan Province. Likewise, the applicants should attend the pre-screening activity for the basic requirements that will also be held at the Division Headquarters starting June 29, 2017 until August 1, 2017.

The basic requirements for the pre-screening include the following: (1) 18-26 years of age; (2) Height – 5 feet above; (3) Armed Forces of the Philippines Service Aptitude Test (AFPSAT) – score of 45 above; (4) Birth Certificate from National Statistics Office with Official Receipt; (5) Marriage Contract of Parents with Official Receipt; (6) Form 137, Transcript of Record, Diploma with dry seal (High School and College); and (7) one 2×2 picture with name tag; and (8) valid identification cards.

Those who will be qualified in the pre-screening will undergo another set of examinations such as Physical Fitness Exam which consists of (1) 47-repetition Push-up and 47-repetition Sit-up, which must be performed wihtin 2 minutes, and (2) 5-repetition Pull-ups and (3) 3.2-Kilometer Up and Down Hill Run, which must be accomlished within 17:09 minute.

For further clarifications and inquiries, interested applicants may contact OG1, 1st Infantry (Tabak) Division, Philippine Army Hotline: 0975-860-7576 (Globe).

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Armed Forces of the Philippines Chief-of-Staff General Eduardo Año, with the recommendation of Lt. Gen. Carlito Galvez, Jr. of Western Mindanao Command, declared a “Humanitarian Pause” in military operations in Marawi City that will take effect on June 25, 2017, 6:00AM to 2:00PM.

The declaration seeks to allow the Islamic faithful in Marawi City to peacefully celebrate Eid al-Fitr.

“We declare a lull in our current operations in the city on that day as a manifestation of our high respect to the Islamic faith. A testimony to the AFP’s solid commitment to provide our brother Muslims, especially in the City of Marawi, an opportunity to observe this festive event that will mark the end of the month-long period of Ramadhan,” General Año said.

The “Humanitarian Pause” in the AFP’s offensive operations will only cover a halt in the employment of its capabilities during the inclusive period. It will be lifted immediately if any of the following conditions occur:

(1) the security of our troops is jeopardized;
(2) the safety of civilians is threatened; and
(3) if the enemy starts shooting.

“At that point, our personnel may exercise their right to self-defense,” General Año said.

From Assemblyman Zia Alonto Adiong

Congregational Prayer for Eid’l Fitr celebration will start at 6:30AM and will be followed by a sermon from an Imam. This is the saddest Eid’l Fitr celebration in recent memory. The local militant group robbed us the chance to observe Ramadhan peacefully. They stole from us the opportunity to celebrate this religious occasion with our loved ones.

For centuries, this Islamic tradition has been observed uninterrupted in Marawi City. But now, it pains us to see families who can’t even share meals together, pray together and continue observing this Muslim tradition simply because our current state doesn’t permit such family gathering to take place.

Our prayers and thoughts are with the 264,000 Maranao evacuees scattered in various evacuation centers and places of temporary shelter.

Even in this hard times, I still want to greet all Maranaos a Happy Eid’l Fitr wherever they may be.

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