Army’s 1ID, Appoints First Female Battalion Commander, Intelligence Chief

CAMP SANG-AN, Labangan, ZDS – The 1st Infantry (TABAK) Division appointed a female officer to lead a battalion and a new intelligence chief after the Joint Change of Command and Chief of Office ceremony held here Tuesday, January 28, 2020.

Lt. Col. Janet Laurena assumed command of the Headquarters and Headquarters

Service Battalion (HHSBn) and succeeded Lt. Col. Norberto Agbay who is now the acting chief of the Governance and Strategy Management Office of 1ID.

Laurena is a member of the Officer Candidate Course Class of 1997.

She is a graduate of Command and General Staff Course (CGSC) Class 63-2018 and Masters in Public Management Major in Development and Security, a prerequisite for the key position she now assumed.

During her assumption speech, she thanked the command for the trust and confidence in designating her as the Battalion Commander of the HHSBn 1ID, PA

“I am ready to face the challenges ahead. The lessons I have gained in the service on responsibility, duty, trust and loyalty, all these I will carry all throughout my military career”, said Laurena.

HHSBn, is in-charge of the camp administration, security and personnel support for 1ID.

Meanwhile, Lt. Col. Noel Abello assumed as the Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence, G2 replacing Lt. Col. Joel Lobitaňa, who acted as chief upon the relief of the primary staff.

Abello is a proud member of Philippine Military Academy Class of 1997. He is also a graduate of Command and General Staff Course in AFP, Education, Training and Doctrine Command.

Abello vowed to provide leadership and direction of the office and accepted the challenge and will do his best in order to accomplish the mission of 1ID.

Brig. Gen. Generoso “Gene” Ponio, Commander of 1ID and the presiding officer, advised the newly appointed battalion commander and chief of office to show the same passion and dedication in the performance of duty in implementing the government’s initiatives and advocacies.

“Let us look forward in achieving our mission and always bear in mind the duties and responsibilities we hold” Ponio said.

“Rest assured that the command will support you in your admin, logistics and financial endeavours”, Ponio concluded.

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